A Wedding Tale

A Wedding Tale

Wedding Season

Haaloooo guys happy wedding season. 😀 A blog after soooo long. I’m so sorry for not engaging with all of you amazing people and for not posting enough. I’ve got a lot of pending posts just need some motivation to get back on Track and a Big thank to each of you for your continuous support!

So I went to my homeland to attend a Wedding. The wedding was quite good, Now I will share my Outfit details here. This won’t be exciting for anyone reading it, but I’m going to write it anyways for the girls who flooded my inbox with questions related to what I wear on this weddings

The wedding season is right around the corner So today I’ll show you guys some recent clothes that I wore on a wedding in Pakistan and ABSOLUTELY LOVED!

It’s not about dressing up so others like it, everyone has their own taste in fashion and what is appropriate; it’s about just being yourself and wearing what you like, others will automatically start to like it when you carry it with confidence.


It was more of a mehndi + Tuc campaign look so the green was a must 😃
I got this dress from Shah posh and paired it with a green silk shirt. The colours were just perfect for a night of celebration. I loved the luxurious touch in the outfit…



The Barat is a semi-formal occasion. My pick for the night was this gorgeous Red Sarhi! K’s Friends Brought it From India! This was super easy to carry and looked pretty classy as well. The Border of this sarhi were embellished with beautiful embroidery and dabka! And shoes from Dunes finished the look.


On Walima I experimented with a gorgeous soft cream colour dress. It has intricate detailing of embroidery, balking and thread work which made the outfit look modern.  I was blown away by the perfect stitching and the intricate embroidery and embellishments.
I had my eyes on this Dress for a very long time & I knew I HAD to wear it. Again this was super easy to carry and looked extremely chic. It’s the perfect dress for someone who prefers light colors and wants to go for a dewy makeup look.
Shoes are from Payless.

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