Bath & Body Works Bath Bomb Review

Bath & Body Works Bath Bomb Review


Bath & Body Works Bath Bomb Review

The bath fizzies of Bath & Body Works are about the measure of a pool ball and have all the earmarks of being machine made. They are uniform in size, shading and plan, not at all like Lush which are all handmade.

Luckily I Got my hands on my Favorite Bath Bomb So far ( A Thousand Wishes ) A Thousand Wishes aroma has what gives off an impression of being some kind of gems (in gold) at first glance. The crystals do tumble off when rubbed.

At the point when the shower bomb fizzy entered the water it quickly began effervescing like there’s no tomorrow. It has a huge amount of bubble going on! I could really hear to bubble it was so exceptional. A Thousand Wishes is a brilliant hot pink and keeping in mind that it turned my fingers pink while I was holding it the shading basically washed off when I was finished.

Most people probably won’t hold the bath fizzy so I doubt staining would be a problem. It did leave a bit of residue in the sink when I was done but that wiped up quickly without staining. The aroma lingered for quite a while on my skin. I really had individuals asking me throughout the day what that ravishing fragrance was! A Thousand Wishes has Pink Prosecco, Sparkling Quince, Crystal Peonies, Gilded Amber and Amaretto Crème.


In case you’re not a fanatic of splendid hues I would propose attempting Pretty As A Peach as that one has next to no shading.

General I like these shower bubbles since they relate to Bath & Body Works aroma and in light of the fact that I think they are a not too bad quality. Rich is certainly in an entire different class so I would prefer truly not to analyze them excessively.


You Can get your bath from Bath & body works online



Comparison between Lush & Bath and Body Works

LUSH Cosmetics is all natural store known mostly for its bath bombs and bubble bars. Bath & Body Works is known for their variety of different scents in their most popular products; shower gels, lotions and candles.  Both stores sell bath and beauty products and are both very well known for that.

It truly relies upon the individual for which store is better. LUSH is awesome for individuals who have senstive skin or feel emphatically about being eco-friendly . Bath and Body Works is extraordinary for individuals not willing to spend a considerable measure of cash on magnificence .

I Personally prefer Bath & Body Bath Bombs over Lush Bath Bombs.


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