Body Shop Aloe vera Night Cream | Review

Body Shop Aloe vera Night Cream | Review

Body Shop Aloe vera Night Cream | Review. The week has begun, and that forces me to compose an audit on incredible items in the showcase, with the goal that you purchase only the best and that’s it. Today, I will review The Body Shop’s Aloe Soothing Night Cream. A rich night cream that saturates, solaces and quiets the skin while you rest, reestablishing its defence system and moisture barrier. Dermatologically endorsed and clinically demonstrated as reasonable for delicate skin.

Aloe vera gel is clinically proven to soothe and nurture the skin. I am a major devotee of aloe items. My night-time skincare routine comprises of this aloe cream And some more items which I will Tell you later in another blog. Do you realize that what is the best part about this item? The item contains no manufactured scents, colours, or alcohols. It comes to you in its common shape. The blend of Aloe, glycerin, and Shea spread is stupendous to keep your skin hydrated. It is the best skin drink that your face can have amid night, and it will bolt all the moisture in its place. It goes on easily and equitably and retains into the skin quickly. It also contains Shea butter that is nature’s great moisturizer.

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Well, It didn’t break me out, but at first when I initially began using this cream, I used to feel a tingling sensation all over. Be that as it may, after two uses, I didn’t confront any sort of disturbance. I utilize it as a night lotion and each time I wake up with my skin feeling super hydrated. It saturates and comforts the skin yet doesn’t offer some other advantages. So in the event that you require something anti-aging or remedial as far as spot correction/lighting up, you could skip this one.

I won’t recommend this to people with super oily skin because it will take some time to get fully absorbed, and will make your face appear shiny.
I’m really liking using it as an everyday moisturizer.




  • No additives, colours or other simulated substances.
  • Extraordinarily hydrates and supports the dry and delicate skin
  • Soothes any aggravation on the skin
  • Soothes skin redness and irritation
  • Great for sensitive skin


  • Leaves face a bit greasy.
  • Tub packaging is unhygienic.

General Score: 4/5

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