Cheers For 7 Years

Cheers For 7 Years

Cheers For 7 Years

Today checks 7 years of togetherness. (on paper.. the rukhsati occasion occurred later on). Time passes so quickly, It was much the same as yesterday when I was sitting and sitting tight for the Barat to arrive (and yes, they came late 😀 )

7 years ago, today was the day when I uttered those 3 life changing words. Yes I did not say ‘Maine Qabul Kiya‘ and just settled for ‘Ji‘ only. On the other hand, Maulvi Sahib asked Kashif to say ‘Maine Qabul Kiya‘ 😀 I can’t believe how the time has flown.

I remember the happiness in his eyes, the bliss in the air, and the waves of emotions that I never knew I can feel in a single day.

I feel so good each time I think of that moment. It was like a declaration that Yes, He/She is mine now. I may sound a slightly filmy but bear with me 😛

He has seen me in my darkest moments and never gave up on me. He has seen me at my worst, yet held my hand again the next day. He understands my dreams and supports them without fail, and manages to catch me every time I’m close to giving up.

It’s been 7 years filled with good times, smiles and memories, challenges and tough times but I’m looking forward to the years ahead filled with smile, happy memories, good times and learning we have lying ahead of us. INSHAALLAH

So, this is Our 7 th Anniversary. We blew off the candle together and in that brief moment it dawned on me that it doesn’t really matter whether the cake is sweet or not, you are looking at your best or not. The only thing that counts is the person standing by your side is happy and content with you. Loves you selflessly! The material things don’t guarantee this feeling but the smile on the person looking down at you surely do 🙂

So, I Bake this Cake for Our Anniversary. This is the second time I have tried my hands on baking and first time on the frosting. Believe it or not But this is THE truth. I know it’s surprising. I was pretty excited about my baking encounter and was a little nervous from the inside at the same time. Because it was Our 7 th Anniversary cake and better be good. Kashif was so impressed with it I tell you as soon as he was able to take a bite of the cake. The cake turned out really awesome. It was soft, moist, rich and divine. I was so happy that it turned out so well. I will upload its full recipe in my next blog.

And At the End, let’s talk About Gifts 😀 So I Got my Dream Phone which is obviously iPhone X :-D. I will be soon reviewing that on my Next Blog. And I gave Him His Favourite Perfume and lots of Upperhoods 😀

Pinning some of the pictures of Pre-Anniversary Celebrations & Anniversary day Celebrations below.

Until Next Time! Ciao !


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