Forever Living Products – Pamper Time

Forever Living Products – Pamper Time

Forever Living Products

Hello and happy Thursday to all. Another week another blog. So Today I will be reviewing some of Forever Living Products. Let me first mention to you that Forever Living Products has dedicated itself to seeking out natures best sources of health and beauty products and sharing them around the world. Forever Living is an American beauty company which creates their products using Aloe Vera. They are a cruelty-free company that uses natural products to create products which are both good for beauty and good for health.

Before I start with the review I want to say that everything I say is based on MY OWN EXPERIENCE and that it’s only one experience among thousands. Don’t let it guide you to form a decision (bad or good). If you really want to form a decision, I suggest you try the products yourself.

Last week a friend asked me if I could help her review some products. I was given a box of various Forever Living Products to try out and I chose my four favourites to write a review on this blog for! These are Forever Aloe Scrub with Jojoba Oil, Forever hand sanitizer, Forever Marine Mask, Aloe Vera Propolis cream.

Forever Aloe Scrub gently scrubs away dead skin cells and debris that clog pores and dull the skin’s appearance, to begin revealing radiant new, healthier skin.The scrub is a perfect blend of natural ingredients and provides just the right balance of exfoliation. It is Natural exfoliator for the face and body, it Prepares skin for miniaturization and it is Gentle enough for everyday use. But The scrub has those grainy bits in it which are good for cleaning your face but not good when they stick in your hair and eyebrows. 😛

My favourite product was the Propolis cream which I used as a night cream. It was the only one that worked. It has done wonders for the texture of my skin and it did even out my skin tone after one night. My blemishes did not disappear but my skin looked as smooth. The Propolis cream is the product that I would recommend to not only women but men too. It’s easily absorbed into the skin leaving no greasy and sticky feeling on the surface.

I loved the hand sanitizer purely for its smell. It’s a honey and aloe sanitizer. The smell was great and I couldn’t stop using it whenever I could. It left my hands feeling clean, refreshed and softer. It has a nice smell of citrus and does the job perfectly. Your hands are soft and don’t feel dry at all. Apart from the smell, it really isn’t that different from others I have tried.

Your skin will love the exceptional quality of the ingredients of Marine Mask! This Marine Mask provides a deep-cleansing experience. I love the fact that it contains natural sea minerals such as sea kelp and algae. Sea minerals are well known for their soothing properties and they are ideal to help calm blemishes and sensitive skin. It also has the super moisturising and conditioning properties of aloe vera, honey and cucumber extract. So it is an incredible combination which smells amazing too!

All in all, I have really enjoyed using the forever living products. I’m glad that I’ve tried these out. If you have sensitive skin then I can clearly see how this can definitely benefit you.

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