Haircut Journey! From Long to Lob

Haircut Journey! From Long to Lob

Haircut Journey! From Long to Lob

Haircut Journey! From Long to Lob. Hey Everyone. It’s a Little late blog because I had my haircut for about 3 weeks ago but I wanted to share my experience with you.

So Finally I Had a Haircut that I’ve been talking about for a while 800 years now. 😀

I have not Gotten Haircut in Almost a Year and I am actually Gonna Cut a lot of my hair. I was going to try to write this post without sharing every single solitary thought and emotion I’ve encountered amid my change from long hair to shoulder-sweeping bob. Now I am Just Gonna Do it Because I have My Extensions That I can through it Back in 😀 Lol.

I’m Real excited and nervous I know its Just hair and I know its silly to talk about but its exciting for me. And it’s just exciting because last time I had short hair when I was in grade 6 😀 So now I am in a Mood for Something a little bit Different. And Woah here we go.

So, Getting a few long bob (lob) inspiration photos organized on my phone I’m thinking shoulder-grazing and slightly longer in front, for a bit of angle and edge.

5 reasons to go short!

  1. It’s easier.
  2. It’s faster to style
  3. More styling options
  4. A great confidence booster
  5. No backcombing, no shampoo set. Ok, a little backcombing for volume; Just a little.


 My Inspiration Pictures 😀 these are Those I am Going For.

Hairs Before 

These are my hairs before. ( Sorry For Not So Good lighting) . So I went to Bahrain TONY & GUY, I’m outside of the saloon , I’m kind of nervous but I think I know exactly what I want and now you guys will see the final result. Now waiting for my turn.

My cut is One length throughout, no layers. The ends are texturized throughout to give it body and movement.

So, Tadaaaa it is Done. I am so happy with this. It’s kinda Short for me because I love my long hair but I’m in love with it now.

And I guess that’s it. I hope you guys have a wonderful day.

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