Hey there. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. So another week another blog. My today’s blog is a little bit different from others as you already got some idea that I am comparing two most famous phones of 2018 IPHONE X vs SAMSUNG S9.

Samsung and Apple have for some time been fighting it out in the Smartphone world, with Samsung’s gadgets frequently offering the best Android-powered alternatives to Apple’s iPhone. As the two get into a fight, it meant that the two companies now offer fantastic specs and performance from their particular cell phones.

But, which one is best for you, and how would they contrast?


Both phones feature 5.8-inch OLED screens; Samsung’s is a Super AMOLED. Both displays are stunning, and comfortably the best on the market today. Samsung’s panel wins for colour vibrancy and saturation, while Apple’s feels more comfortable on the eyes with its warmer hues. Apple’s True Tone tech alters the colour temperature of the display according to the surrounding the environment

Earphone Jack

The addition of a glass back on the iPhone X means that it supports wireless charging, and this is supported by the Galaxy S9, too. The iPhone X has no earphone jack, so you’ll have to utilize a Lightning connector, yet the earphone jack stays with the System S9.

Play Store

Google Play has long since surpassed the App Store when it comes to the number of apps available to download. But it’s never really closed the quality gap. The best apps tend to land on the iOS platform first and in some cases stay there exclusively. Recent iOS-first apps include everything from great games like Alto’s Odyssey, the powerful email client Airmail, and the flexible Bear note-taking app. Even more impressive for the iPhone X is the growing number of developers who’ve retooled their apps specifically to account for the new design of Apple’s phone.


Specs are one thing, but a good Camera needs to take good pictures. Both phones take very good photos whether you’re shooting in well-lit rooms or dingy bars. Detail across both is great and the focusing systems are fast and accurate. But in terms of pure photo quality, we think the iPhone X captures the better picture. Just. The Galaxy S9 tends to overexpose images; we often found it boosted the light parts of the photo too much. There’s also a lot of processing going on when the photo is taken and this results in smoothed-out edges. 

The TrueDepth Camera on the front of the iPhone X doesn’t just produce better looking Animoji. It also allows you to snap portraits that blur out the background. Or, if you use Apple’s Portrait Lighting effects, you can remove the background completely. The Galaxy S9+ can pull off portraits with a bokeh effect using its dual rear cameras, but neither the S9 or S9+ can do portraits with their front shooters despite the many impressive changes Samsung introduced to the cameras on its new phones. 


The iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive phone yet. Prices start at £999 for the 64GB model. On the other hand, Prices for the Samsung Galaxy S9 start at £739 for the 64GB model, undercutting the iPhone X by a considerable margin.


In terms of Security, The Galaxy S9 give you a new way to unlock your phone called Intelligent Scan. It combines iris recognition and facial recognition. If one method fails, the other will kick in. The problem is that Samsung admits that the facial recognition can be fooled by a photo, and you can’t use Intelligent Scan for things like Samsung Pay. Instead, you have to use the phone’s fingerprint sensor. The iPhone X sticks with Face ID, which is more secure and faster than Intelligent Scan. To unlock your device, all you need to do is swipe up on the iPhone X, and the phone uses its 3D sensor to look for your face.


With its 3,500-mAh Battery, the Galaxy S9+ lasted a very good 10 hours and 59 minutes on the Tom’s Guide Battery Test. That’s about an hour more than the smartphone average and a bit longer than the runtime turned in by the iPhone X (10:49). The Galaxy S9 lasted a very good 10:40 on the same test. 


With a final score of 87 to 86, the iPhone X wins. This super close contest against the S9 and S9+ by only a point. So the bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with any of these phones. Samsung wins on design, special features, battery life and charging, and especially value. While Apple’s flagship wins on camera quality, performance and security. The iPhone X is also easier to use, once you get the hang of the new gestures.

Credit: Tom’s Guide

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