L.A girl pro conceal – Orange Corrector

L.A girl pro conceal – Orange Corrector

L.A girl pro conceal – Orange Corrector

Hellooo, Another week another blog. Just back from a long Road trip and I am so tired now. May the weekend be here soon so I can nap all day in bed……

Anyways, I have here the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD High Definition Concealer ($7) in the shade Orange corrector.

corrector in makeup refers to a creamy/powdery formula to neutralize deep blemishes or shadows. They are very effective in helping you achieve flawless finish if you have quite troubled skin. There are multiple colours of corrector such as green, purple, yellow, peach, orange etc,

Talking about The L.A. Girl Pro Concealer. It promises crease-resistant and lightweight opaque coverage. So how well does it live up its claim, find out here……

Orange Corrector: Neutralizes dark spots for medium/deep skin tones. The shade ‘Orange Corrector’ is a true orange colour. The product is best suitable for people who suffer from dark patches under eyes. LA Girl recently launched the ‘Peach corrector’ which will suit fair to fair-medium skin tones than this orange one. The product is definitely good but you have to keep in mind the skin tone and application. The orange is a bit deep but surely workable. You need a bit of patience to blend out or sheer out the product to make it work for you. The product isn’t very beginner friendly but better suitable for professionals. You can customize the shade by mixing another concealer with it.


The product blends well and thus use the dabbing technique with a sponge to take off excess from the area. Apply the regular concealer of your choice on top. The texture of the corrector is good. It has a semi-creamy formula which is neither runny nor thick. It spreads easily with sponge, brush or fingers and has a very easy, lightweight texture.


The LA Girl HD Pro Conceal Orange Corrector is a proper orange toned corrector, successfully corrects the dark spots and very prominent dark circles. it has a lightweight and blendable texture and easy formula. It is also long wearing and has an economical price tag.

Has anyone tried this product before?

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