Let’s Catnap – Nightwear

Let’s Catnap – Nightwear

A romantic date for me is sitting in pyjamas and being with Kashif with whom I can be myself ♥

Pajamas or pyjamas are traditional forms of nightwear worn by both men and women throughout history and into today’s modern society. While they have certainly changed with the evolution of nightwear, they still are worn to provide protection, improve hygiene and maintain modesty. I received a pair of Catnap Pajamas to review and WOW are these comfortable. 😮

Is there anything better than changing into pyjamas in the evening? I don’t think so. I LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing comfy pyjamas…

I prefer to sleep in pyjamas, but not only that, I enjoy relaxing and lounging around the house in my pyjamas too.  I guess you can say I live in my pyjamas when I am not working and I want to chill out around the house. But just because I am in pyjamas doesn’t mean I want to look like a couch potato hahaha! 😀  Of course not, I still want to feel pretty and look cute. That is where Catnap pyjamas come in. With bright,  colourful patterns and couture styles with carefully articulated detail to their design, you can look sensational and feel comfortable wearing Catnap Pyjamas around the house. Catnap PJs appealed to me because they are curved friendly and they have such beautiful patterns.




Catnap pyjamas are for everyone, the entire family!  Women, men, teens, children. And, added to traditional style pyjamas you can find; robes, shorty pj’s, long sleeved, short sleeved, cami style, capris style, the options go on and on at Catnap! The quality and all the design elements of the Catnap pyjamas I received exceeded any expectations I had about them. They are the most outstanding pair of pajamas I have ever worn for sure!


Overall, I really am liking these pyjamas. They are very comfy and soft following a long day of working and running. They are really comfortable and seem durable so far

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