It’s My Birthday

It’s My Birthday

This won’t be exciting for anyone reading it, but I’m going to write it anyways – because it is my birthday. 😛

Another year gone, another year to reflect!

So Is it me, or is time going faster? Am I getting older? I am pretty sure the days and hours are just the same. However, I still feel as though there is NEVER ENOUGH TIME in a day or week to do what I need to do! Being that today is my birthday I have been playing a memory wheel of the past year in my head. It’s amazing how many things can change in 365 days. I have learned so much about myself this year!

What I Have Learned:

  • I have to back off and appreciate the occasion.
  • Be available and put the phone down (I don’t need to snapchat everything!)
  • Plans and individuals change, get over it.
  • You Are going to get criticized no matter what you do, so do what you want to do

So It’s my birthday today…  I went for a long walk with my Man this evening at a Park near my home. We Spent some time there , listening to the sound of waves softly touching our Feet.

And then 😛 Kashif knows me very well.  Sometimes, I think he knows me better than I do! 😛 So after coming back home He arranged a Surprise for me.  There was a bouquet and my Cake Awww 😀 😛 He Came Up and wished me with such a beautiful bouquet!

Well at the end Thanks Friends for gifts & birthday wishes . I know I say this all the time but I consider you all my extended friends and family, and I’m so lucky to have you take part in every part of my journey.



And Birthday wish From my favourite blogger Gul E Zehra

From The Bottom of my Heart, I would like to Thank everyone for birthday wishes and gifts. And for those who did’nt do anything Shame on you ! Hahaha Just Kidding 😀 😉


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