Rice Bowl – delizioso

Rice Bowl – delizioso

Indian and Chinese cooking styles are every interesting and cherished by sustenance commentators around the world. The Rice Bowl gives dinners a chance to savour the unique flavors of each country at one fabulous outlet. The restaurant itself offers contemporary class and is an ideal venue for a meal with Loved Ones.

The menu has been tactfully planned to offer diners a broad decision of chicken, meat, veggie lover and even seafood Dishes.

The Rice Bowl is located on the 1st floor of Seef Mall in Bahrain. The Atmosphere is Wonderful with some Traditional music Playing in Background And the view is likewise Incredible. Try to Book a Table adjacent to the Window.

So We Popped in after shopping to get a quick Lunch before going home, service was prompt and friendly. 

Their menu is far too large, takes too long to sort through it in my opinion but Finally We Ordered Chicken Biryani and Grilled Chicken Kebab. Food Arrived correct after 15 minutes.So it was Snappy. The Quality of Food is excellent and it is very well presented. and Staff is Friendly.

“Goodness” is the main word I can use to portray it .

Straightforward delectable, fulfilling and an ordeal doubtlessly conveying sheer snapshots of happiness. You will keep coming back for more. The taste is simply awesome

A little spicy and a little tangy while the chicken inside is soft and melts in your mouth. Its an experience only chicken lovers like me can have it day after day without getting bored.
Bill was displayed in an Extremely remarkable manner . It arrived in a Little Customary bowl with mirrors on it

Ratings: 8/10

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