Rose Petal Sugar Scrub Homemade

Rose Petal Sugar Scrub Homemade


I’ve honestly so much on my plate at the moment. And every minor inconvenience tends to put me off track. So I’m currently studying for my exams which are very close but I somehow managed time and uploading this blog. Rose Petal Sugar Scrub Homemade. 

As You, All Already saw my Birthday Pics. if not Then Click here My Birthday So Kashif Gave me A Beautiful Bouquet On my Birthday., It’s So Valuable for me So I just Don’t Want to waste it and as you all know I like to upcycle whenever I can, So I made this with a bouquet My Man Gave me on My Birthday.

Roses are the most sentimental blossoms on planet earth. They were utilized since old circumstances for excellence purposes. 

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Advantages of each of the fixings we will utilize: 

Rose Petals- These delicate excellence items scrub the skin and filter pores. They also have powerful antioxidant properties that promote youthful skin. 

Coconut oil – This brilliant tropical goodness has an awesome consistency that makes it a decent base oil for sugar cleans. 

White sugar – The fundamental exfoliant in this formula, consistent white sugar has a delicate grating surface that makes it useful for searching off dead cells, grime, soil and contamination from the pores. It also stimulates circulation which helps reduce cellulite and smooths skin.

There are a few versions of this scrub floating around the internet; one that uses fresh rose petals, and one that uses dried But I Actually love to Add Fresh Rose Petals. This formula is extraordinary in light of the fact that you can redo it for any size container you need to utilize, so don’t hesitate to make pretty much clean. The recipe below makes Half Jar, so adjust it as needed. There aren’t any rules when making sugar scrub as far as amounts of ingredients go, so play around with it. 

What You Need

Rose Petals: 2 Cups

Sugar: 2 Cups

Coconut Oil: 2/3 Glass

Essential Oil:

6-8 Drops (Optional)


To make the sugar scrub, begin with 2 measure of flower petals.  

Pulse the petals in a food processor until the point that they end up plainly small chips. 

Combine the crushed petals with 2 measures of sugar, 2/3 glass coconut oil and 6-8 drops of your most loved basic oil for aroma (Optional) 

Blend well and afterward spoon into a storage container.

This scrub turns every bath or shower into an extravagant spa experience, and it leaves your skin velvety!

Take a little amount and test it on the back of your hand with a little measure of water. If you like the texture and smell strength, the scrub is ready to go!



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