Upcycling: Fancy Buffet Table

Upcycling: Fancy Buffet Table

Upcycling: Fancy Buffet Table

Hey everyone, Hope you guys are doing well. I have been away for only a month yet feels like I haven’t blogged since until the end of time. Oh God, I so missed Interacting with all of you through this stage.
Despite the fact that I badly wanted to write about many things and happenings in between yet I hardly get a chance to be myself let alone compose a post. But with this post, I am setting up to bounce back with all the more new thoughts and content.

So, brace yourself for a better and brighter reading space.

Now Heading to the Topic, Today I am upgrading my Old boring Study table to Fancy Buffet table.

This is the Table before, which is now turned into a beautiful Buffet Table.

Study Table

I just finished setting my Buffet table, and I love how it turned out! Here’s a look at the whole table before and after…

Before & After

Okay, so let me back up and share the details of how I achieved this look.

As you all know that I like to upcycle whenever I can, So I Had a Plain Wooden Boring Study Table Which I Badly want to upgrade.This is the easiest and quickest way to convert your Old Study Table to Fancy Buffet Table.

All you need for this project is a 3-meter long Cloth which can cover your Study table completely. Some Decoration Items For Table And For Wall And foam or you can even use a bedsheet.
Now Iron the cloth and Just put it On Table above bedsheet. Remove Extra fabric with the help of scissors. Adjust fabric in place and Tadah!

buffet table

buffet table

I am Just drooling over this new addition to my Dining Room. Tell me if you liked this idea.

Ciao! 💖

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